Lectures at the Workshop on Sex Differences in Brain and Behavior in Erice, Sicily, Italy, May 21-23 2019

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May 21, 2019

Andrea Pilastro (University of Padova, IT): “Evolution of anisogamy, sexual selection and sexual conflict”

Gregory Ball (University of Maryland, USA): “Sex differences in the songbird brain: hormone plasticity and behavior”

Daphna Joel (Tel Aviv University, IL): “Rethinking sex and the brain: from dimorphism to mosaic”

Jacques Balthazart (University of Liege, BE): “Sex partner preference in animals and humans”


May 22, 2019

Larry Young (Emory University, USA): “Sex differences and similarities in the neurobiology of pair bonding”

Debra Bangasser (Temple University, USA): “Sex differences in stress regulation of arousal and cognition”

Paola Palanza (University of Parma, IT): “Sex biased impact of social and environmental factors”

Margaret McCarthy (University of Maryland): “Immune origins of sex differences in the brain”

Armin Raznahan (NIMH, USA): “Sex-biased brain development in humans: maps, mechanisms and meanings”

Charles Roselli (Oregon Health & Science University, USA): “Sex differences in kisspeptin expression: a role in sexual differentiation”


May 23, 2019

Arthur P. Arnold (University of California, Los Angeles, USA): “Sex differences caused by sex chromosome genes”

Christine Disteche (University of Washington, USA): “X chromosome structure and regulation and sex differences”

David Geary (University of Missouri, USA): “Evolution of sex differences in trait- and age-specific vulnerability”

Anne Murphy (Georgia State University, USA): “Influence of sex and age on pain perception and morphine action”

Roberta Brinton (University of Arizona, USA): “Sex hormone metabolism and Alzheimer disease”